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Oscar Outfit Inspirations

How do you feel when the mailman has come and you quickly spot an invitation? We all know it’s much more exciting than receiving yet another bill to subtract away our hard worked savings. Yet, is the thrill quickly taken back because you have no idea what you are going to wear?

In today’s world, we are known to be very critical of appearances not only on ourselves, but the rest of society as well. Gossiping is now considered to be our amusing pastime because we love to hear others agree with our opinions and because of that, our judgments and opinions’ are stimulated. Let’s be honest, we have all been in a situation where our clothing statement has already beaten us to introducing ourselves. People have already formed an opinion of us based on our choice of clothing and what they personally think about it. While it may be chilling to hear, there’s no need to be ashamed because everyone does it! Whether it is judging the models of the Victoria Secret fashion show, comparing and contrasting Super Bowl ads, to the best and worst dressed at the Oscars, we are all guilty of being quick to judge.

So when opening the invitation to the Oscars, what do you think went through the minds of the celebrities when choosing “just the right” attire? We took outfits based off this years 86th Academy Awards ceremony to come up with a list of ideas on what to wear and what not to wear when deciding your wardrobe for attending a wedding, social or non-profit event.


Let’s start with weddings. In general, most fashion errors are occured at these events. It is very difficult to differentiate what is appropriate and inappropriate because weddings tend to be event-specific. In order to grasp the formality of any event, carefully examine the wording, style and tone of the invitation, that’s a great start! In this instance, we are going to assume the event is a very formal and large wedding. Based of the 2014 Oscar Awards here are some wedding do’s and don’ts for attire.

Wedding DO'S: Jennifer Lawrence

The bright red, simple, long and elegant dress would be a perfect dress to wear for attending a wedding. The simplicity compliments the striking color and the style is appropriate for a wide variety of audiences, typically seen at a wedding. Adding a shall to the shoulders during the ceremony will dress the outfit up, while flaunting the open shoulders at the reception may be perfect for eating, drinking and dancing all night long.

Wedding DON'TS: Kate Hudson

What if Kate wore that gown to your wedding ceremony, your immediate reaction would be that she’s trying to steal the attention away from you on one of the biggest days of your life, right? While the gown Kate Hudson wore may have been perfect for the Oscars, it would be unsuitable wedding attire because traditionally, black and white dresses have been known to be improper wedding apparel. The style of her dress is much too extravagant and high-end and the upper half of the gown some may argue, shows too much skin. We don’t want to have guests upset for seeing skin in unexpected places (side-boob, under-boob, low-low back) for the wrong occasion. Additionally, mingling, balancing a drink and indulging in the appetizers do not correlate with people stepping on the trail of your dress.


Non-profit evens are typically galas and larger events, which include auctions and other creative ways to fundraise through celebrations, so when considering an outfit the attire will naturally be compared to a black tie event.

Non Profit DO'S: Angelina Jolie

Angelina’s dress is the perfect combination of stylish and classy—just the way you should dress for a Gala. Your goal is not to find a dress that is sexy, but rather classic and beautiful. The skin-tone color mixed with rhinestones is a trendy form of elegance. The style: neck-high, long-sleeve, long dress is perfectly geared toward the audience of a Gala.

Non-Profit DON'TS: Pharrell

Pharrell, where did the rest of your pants go? That’s right; Pharrell would not feel as accepted at a Gala as he was at the Oscars. The attempt to be unique by switching up the trend is a fashion mistake, as shorts are not considered formal, no matter the type of material used. Any piece of clothing that falls above the knee is considered to be too informal for a black tie event. Dressing too fancy is more acceptable than not dressing up enough.

Social | Corproate Events

Social and corporate events on the other hand, have entirely different standards for attire than that of weddings and non-profits. What you wear to these events depend on the type of occasion, but almost always less formal than a black tie event. For this post, we will focus on a lager, upscale corporate event.

Social | Corporate DO'S: Lara Spencer

Mrs. Lara Spencer’s dress is very chic and trendy to the perfect extent. The dress shows off her figure, while still maintaining a professionalism feel. The stress of formality typically isn’t as strong as a wedding or gala because it is with co-workers and people you are in constant communication with. The small cleavage opening is just the right size for the occasion and the stones all over bring “fun” into the dress.

Social | Corporate DON'TS: Pink

Pink, what a wonderful dress for the Oscars, however, this dress would be seen as “too much” for a corporate event. This dress is much too elegant, loud and overall outré that would be very uncomfortable and difficult to move around in and you would not want to risk spilling on this dress. The strong color meshed with flair, sparkles and no straps would be improper to wear to a business event because it does not meet professional standards.

In most cases, we strive to present ourselves in a worthy manner to maintain a positive image with others. With that being said, it is important to carefully think about the attire you decide to wear for a particular occasion because the outfit you choose is the first impression and ultimately the last impression you leave with your audience, so planning accordingly matters!

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